Easy Access to Shanghai

Positioned along the shorelines of the Yangtze River, the city of Shanghai is the busiest transportation center in the whole of Eastern China in terms of traffic and people. The city of Shanghai, which has grown to be among the major financial and commercial centers not only in China but in the world, is one of the highly developed Chinese cities as evident in its infrastructure, including a public transportation system that is the epitome of convenience.

The city of Shanghai has several ties to other parts of the globe. Whether the reference points are from the neighboring cities such as Hangzhou, Nanjing and Suzhou, or from far-flung cities such as Hong Kong, Xian, Beijing or Guangzhou, the city of Shanghai has become an easily accessible tourist destination in recent years, making travel and entry to this culturally rich city a much simpler undertaking unlike in olden days. Because of recent developments in Shanghai, which sort of paved the way to opening itself to the world, traveling to Shanghai can now be accomplished through various modes of transport. One can now be able to explore Chinese civilization by going to Shanghai by air, bus, train or ship.

By Air

Traveling by air is the most ideal means to get to Shanghai and probably the most convenient. Shanghai has two international airports namely, the Hongqiao International Airport and the Pudong International Airport. These two airports are modernized and equipped with highly developed amenities. With around 1,000 flights passing through these two airports every day, the city of Shanghai becomes a hub for both international and local cities. Shanghai becomes a major link to the key Airport in Shanghaicities in the world, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York.

By Bus

Also a convenient and inexpensive way of traveling to Shanghai is through bus rides that travel to distant places in Shanghai. Shanghai is home to four expressways and four national roads all passing through the city and out into the neighboring cities and countries. The city currently has at least 1,000 routes served by forty long-distance bus companies in this bustling city of the east.

By Train

Shanghai’s railroad system is another comfortable and convenient way of getting into the city. Two of the city’s main railroad networks are the Huning Railway in Nanjing and the Huhang Railway in Hangzhou. All these railway systems pass through the city of Shanghai and link its three chief stations with other cities all over China. Aside from the normal commuter trains that are ridden daily by the public, travelers and tourists can avail of the tourist trains and special holiday trains en route from Shanghai to other charming sites in other China provinces like Fujian’s Mt. Wuyishan and Mount Huangshan in Anhui.

By Ship

Travel and entry to the city of Shanghai can also be conveniently achieved by means of the numerous passenger ships surrounding the city. This mode of transport is made possible by the city’s geographical location which is near bodies of water, particularly the river Yangtze. Shanghai rests along the coastline of the Yangtze river, which makes it the largest harbor in the whole of China. The city has a great many fleets of international and domestic passenger lines that can accommodate any voyager’s wishes as he travels to the scenic city of Shanghai.

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