Events in Shanghai

The city of Shanghai in China is home to a number of events like vibrant festivals, competitions, performances, and exhibitions. Through these events, the city is able to showcase its rich and diverse culture and customs.
Among the famous festivals celebrated in the city are Longhua Temple Fair, Yuyuan Lantern Festival, and the New Year Bell Striking. The Longhua Temple Fair has been celebrated by the locals since Ming Dynasty every third day on lunar calendar’s third month. During this event, people from different parts of the country come to the city to witness, fly, and draw the famous dragon. It is also during this celebration that they repose their wishes to the dragon. Yuyuan Lantern Festival, on the other hand, is always celebrated under full moon. This festival marks the end of the lunar year and is celebrated with bright lights and vibrant activities. People walk on the streets of Shanghai with colorful lanterns. This lantern festival is said to have started during the Western Han Dynasty. Meanwhile, during the New Year Bell Striking, people gather in the Longhua Temple to welcome the New Year. The Chinese as well as foreigners consider this event as sacred. It is believed to bring good luck and happiness to every individual. There are fireworks display and a variety of entertainment and dance performances.
The Peach Blossom Festival is another festival celebrated in the city. It has been annually celebrated since 1991 and is held in Nanhui, where there are over 25 square miles of peach trees. During this event, folk music fills the air.
Culture in ShanghaiShanghai International Festival is held in Changfeng Park. Flowers from China, US, Holland, Japan, and Singapore are displayed on the streets during this colorful celebration. Competitions such as guessing flower riddles and flower photography dominate the streets of Shanghai.
Other minor festivals include International Flower Festival, International Arts Festival, International Tea Culture Festival, and Shanghai Tourism Festival.
Shanghai also holds a variety of stage and theater performances and local and international concerts. It is home to a number of cultural centers, which include the Shanghai Grand Theater, Shanghai Grand Stage, Shanghai Circus World, and the Shanghai Concert Hall. Famous performances include the Portman Acrobatic Show held at the Shanghai Center Theater. They also stage a couple of Chinese operas usually held in Yuyuan Theater.
The city is also known to hold numerous local and international conventions. The Shanghai International Convention Center is the most famous and outstanding center for these activities. Among the conventions that were held in the city are the APEC Leadership Meeting held last 2001 and the Fortune Global Forum Shanghai Annual Meeting in 1999.
Shanghai also offers a wide variety of exhibitions which can either be educational, cultural, recreational, or business exhibits. These exhibits feature the locals’ development and achievements in different fields. Exhibitions sites include Shanghai New International Expo Center, East Asia Exhibition Center, and Shanghai Exhibition Center.
Aside from these exhibitions, the city houses Shanghai Stadium, the largest site for national and international competitions. One of the famous international competitions held in the city is the preliminary match for the football game during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Shanghai is also considered as haven for Formula 1 racing fans.

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